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Union Arena - Bleach Thousand Year Blood War - Booster Box

Pre-Order - Available Oct 04, 2024
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• Common:35

• Uncommon: 35

• Rare:18

• Super Rare: 12

• Action Point Card:6

• 1 DD card types

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.


• 12 cards per pack

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UPC/ISBN/EAN 810059785908
Release Date 04-10-2024

Establishment of authentic TCG rule

The game adopts authentic TCG rules that satisfy even TCG users. utilizing two lines on the board called "FRONT LINE" "ENERGY LINE" .

Furthermore. the world view of the titles is recreated based on the relationship between the two areas and the ability to line up many characters make the rules enjoyable for IP fan groups as well.


Powerful Character Lineup

With the cooperation of licensors who have established partnerships with Bandai. We will release a strong lineup of characters that have gained a large number of fans. By releasing a large number of characters that have many casual fans.

We hope to attract a new user base to the TCG market.


Card specifications that make you want to collect them

Under the BCG brand. which celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2023. we will deliver cards of a quality that will satisfy the title fan base. drawing on our expertise in producing a variety of character cards. In addition. some special illustrations. such as newly drawn ones. will be used. and cards with a limited number of copies in circulation will be given away as prizes at events. creating an opportunity for people to want to collect and/or become stronger.


A signature card or a serial card

A special foil-stamped chase card with a signature or serial number will be available for each set. The autographs are signed by the original voice actors of the Japanese version. making it a must-have collector's item for title fans. For sets that will not have an autograph card, a serial number card will be included to ensure collectability.


lchigo and popular characters from the Thirteen Court Guard Squads and Stern Ritters gather in large numbers! The booster pack also includes a foil-stamped card signed by lchigo's voice actor, Masakazu Morita! A product that fans of BLEACH will not want to miss out!

More Information
UPC/ISBN/EAN 810059785908
Release Date 04-10-2024
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