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About Game Shack

Who we are and what we do:

Game Shack is a privately owned company based in Toronto, Canada.  In business since 1988, Game Shack is one of the pioneers in the Video Game business in Toronto, Canada.

We started as a small store that carried Games for the original Nintendo NES System and Sega Master System.  We now carry a large variety of Video Games and Accessories for all Current Generation Consoles as well as Older Generation Consoles.  We also have one of the biggest selections of PC games anywhere.  We also carry a large selection of European and other specialty Boardgames, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yugioh cards.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide great and unique Gaming products at excellent prices and fast delivery with exceptional Customer Service to all our customers.

We are constantly looking for new, innovative and hard to find products to add to our catalog.

Our Staff:

Our Staff members are very passionate about Games.  We take gaming very seriously.  We are constantly updating ourselves with new products and Industry changes.

You will find dealing with our Staff members a very pleasent experience.