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Arkham Horror The Roleplaying Game: Starter Set

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A hunger has come to the city of Arkham that threatens to consume everything in Hungering Abyss, a starter box set in Fantasy Flight Games world of Arkham Horror.

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UPC/ISBN/EAN 3558380114611
Release Date 07-06-2024

This all-in-one box is designed for up to 6 players (5 players + 1 Game Master) that are 14 years or older. Whether you are a veteran role-player or brand new to collaborative storytelling table-top games, this learn-as-you-play is an excellent way to get a feel for both roleplaying games and the simple d6-based system. The box includes a campaign, beautiful character portfolios, dice, high-quality tokens, beautiful maps, and other carefully curated components to enhance the game experience.

This product requires no prior knowledge of tabletop RPGs, boardgames, or Arkham Horror to play.
A collaborative gameplay: “One investigation, unlimited team choices”.
The system is simple to learn and the campaign is broken down into scenes and acts which makes it easy to pick up or pause, making it flexible to play whether you only have an hour or several.
The box is designed for a total narrative immersion. The game mechanics are natural and allow unlimited team choices. And the box contains a wide variety of tactile components.
Mechanically simple and strategically deep system that welcomes newcomers and challenges veterans.
Beautiful and grotesque art that is a hallmark of the Arkham Horror franchise, full of tension and investigation, race against the rising moon to stop the end of the world.
Compatible with any 6-sided dice. Use the dice set provided in the box or any set you might already have.
Game Master’s Screen (27.94 x 21,59 cm / 11 x 8.5 in)
1 adventure booklet (48 pages)
5 Character folios
24 6-sided dice (12 black and 12 green dice)
3 double-sided poster maps
16 Non-Playable Character cards
24 cards (item and spells)
3 Punchboards (puzzles and tokens)
Several handouts (evidence pieces - journal, letters, etc.)

More Information
UPC/ISBN/EAN 3558380114611
Release Date 07-06-2024
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