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Union Arena - Jujutsu Kaisen - Booster Box

Pre-Order - Available Nov 22, 2024
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➀ Many gorgeous cards with new illustrations! Card text that recreates the world of the series to a high level!

Many of the gorgeous high-quality cards in the lineups use original illustrations made especially for Bandai! These are sure to please current TCG players and collectors! The game play recreates the story and character’s moves, making it a design that is easy for even series fans that have not played TCG before to start playing!

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UPC/ISBN/EAN 810059785960
Release Date 22-11-2024

➁ Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the currently trending titles, so there’ll even be a card set for it!

Both the manga and anime of Jujutsu Kaisen are global hits so we’re thrilled to be able to include it in Union Arena! It includes Yuji Itadori, Satoru Gojo, Sukuna and other familiar characters as you’d expect along with other characters like Aoi Todo and Mahito who play big roles in the story as high rarity cards!


➂ The starter deck lineup includes an Alt-Art SR that is exclusive to the English Version! [English Exclusive]

The English version starter deck will include an Alt-Art design of the SR card at a low pull-rate. We’re preparing such features to encourage collectors to purchase multiple starter decks too.


➃ The booster pack card lineup will include a serial number card!

A special feature we’re including at low pull-rate is a gold foil SR★★★ Yuji Itadori card that has a serial number printed on it! Each will be the only one with that serial number in the world making it a strong “chase card”!



• Common:35

• Uncommon: 35

• Rare: 18

• Super Rare: 12

• Action Point Card: 6

100 Card Types

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.



A signature card or a serial card

A special foil-stamped chase card with a signature or serial number will be available for each set. The autographs are signed by the original voice actors of the Japanese version. making it a must-have collector's item for title fans. For sets that will not have an autograph card, a serial number card will be included to ensure collectability.


More Information
UPC/ISBN/EAN 810059785960
Release Date 22-11-2024
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